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Doctrinal Statement

The Doctrinal Statement of Christ’s Church

What We Teach

I.      The Holy Scriptures

II.      God

III.    Man

IV.      Family

V.       Salvation

VI.      The Church

VII.    Angels

VIII.  Last Things


Must everyone who attends our services agree with this doctrinal statement?  

We recognize that individuals are in different stages of growth and understanding of doctrine.  While Elders, Deacons, and Elder-authorized teachers must agree with and subscribe to this doctrinal statement, anyone who wishes to participate (whether or not a member) must be willing to submit to and abide by this doctrinal statement.  Refusal to do so may be grounds for removal.

 What if we later decide something in this doctrinal statement is incorrect or could be better stated?  

This doctrinal statement is not infallible.  This document is not a higher authority than the Word of God. Neither is it a higher authority than the authority that God Himself has invested in those believers He has appointed to lead this assembly. We commit ourselves to constantly studying the Scriptures and “reforming” our beliefs to conform with Scripture.  As we grow in our understanding of the Word, therefore, this statement is, subject to amendment as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws of this Assembly.  Until amended, however, this statement is to be followed in all its parts as a protection to all.