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Glory to Glory Soul Care

What We Believe

Jesus calls his church to comfort and to care for hurting people. Because of this conviction, Christ's Church provides biblical counseling for our community on a wide variety of issues from marriage and parenting to anxiety and depression. If you seek counseling for yourself or a loved one, we can offer you the help and hope which is rooted in God’s Word (Romans 15:4). Our counseling is guided by the following foundational principles:

The Bible is Relevant

God’s Word is filled with truth intended to change our lives. Perhaps you have asked, "Can the Bible's hope really speak to my despair?", "Can the Bible's peace really calm my grieving heart?", "Can the Bible's love change even my troubled marriage?" At Glory to Glory Soul Care, we believe that God’s Word addresses each one of life's problems and that the prayerful wisdom of loving friends can help us discover those life-giving connections (2 Peter 1:3-7).

The Bible is Personal

Although God’s Word speaks to every aspect of life, it is not simply a formula for happiness. Ultimately, it leads us to a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can make all things new and compel us to live for his Father’s glory. Real and lasting change occurs when people in relationship with Christ learn to rightly understand both themselves and their problems (Romans 8:28-30). God’s Word is sufficient because Christ is sufficient.

The Bible is Compassionate

Jesus expects his followers to act on what they believe (James 2:17-18). For this reason, our counselors are trained to compassionately apply Scripture to life’s problems and help struggling people grow and change. If you seek this kind of counsel, please email us at with Glory to Glory in the subject line.